Our association gives back to the community through collaborative efforts on projects in Education and the Local Community of our City, County and State.

Our purpose is to promote the civic, social, commercial, economic welfare and business goals of its members. Join us in our goal to build relationships, grow our businesses and to add value to the economic welfare of our businesses and community.

Brent Rittersdorf

2019 - A Year of #PURPOSE!

We exist to support one another



What will your #PURPOSE be in 2019?

Welcome to the Marietta Business Association. As President, I will strive to make sure all members and guests have the opportunity to network in a conducive environment so you can grow your business. I care that you are there! Check out our #Purpose:



        The MBA Mission Statement promotes civic, social, and business goals through providing a forum to exchange business policies and create good customer relationships all in good faith and integrity. These are direct from the Bylaws.  The YEAR of #PURPOSE supports this. Why is Purpose my favorite word?  It has always driven me. A question I ask myself every morning is “What is your Purpose Today?” At the end of my day, I ask, “Did I do everything I could do today?” You can find #Purpose in how I write, network, and communicate. Article I of the MBA bylaws is indeed titled: Purpose.




         We Exist to Support One Another. it’s that simple. As business leaders and owners, we are pioneers, it’s why we join a Business Association to begin with. Members become knowledgeable about the community, its drivers, and its resources, so we can create and leverage relationships that drive business collectively.  As the association grows, so does its belief in its members, creating a culture where we exist to support one another. We shop at each other’s businesses and restaurants, we hire services from members, we connect each other with members, we exist to Support one Another!



         12- MBA 2019 will have 12 Board Brand Ambassadors. As an ambassador, the commitment will be to protect the MBA brand at all costs and promote the year of #Purpose. Each Board member will actively manage a committee and create a Purpose of their own, which ultimately will help the MBA grow membership.


         300- A successful group of 12 will be known for creating 300 members in the MBA by December 31, 2019. The driving force to achieve 300 members will indeed be a class act of Board Brand Ambassadors. You can join today for just $85.00- “What a Deal”!


         150- MBA members will have 100 events in 2019 to attend! When they leverage the networking, luncheons, committees offered, etc., the environment is conducive to growing business. The 12 Board Brand Ambassadors will work to drive membership to 300, so those members can network in confidence to grow their contacts by 150 people! I am proud to represent the MBA in 2019 and am thankful for my board members who have chosen to accept the challenge of serving the community. Cheers to YOUR #PURPOSE!

                                                                                     Brent rittersdorf