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Marietta Business Association Purpose Statement

The Marietta Business Association, Inc. (the Association) exists for the purpose of promoting the
  • civic,
  • social,
  • commercial and economic welfare and
  • business goals
of its members.

Further, the Association is formed:
  • to provide a forum for the exchange of ideas relative to business policies,
  • to lend guidance in all aspects of good customer relationships,
  • to promote integrity and good faith, and
  • to serve as a vehicle for joint promotional events that will benefit Marietta business,

 it being understood that the efforts and funds of the association will be directed toward these mutual goals.

It being further understood that promoting the general welfare of the community is compatible with this objective in that such activities ultimately benefit the entire community.

The Association shall not be operated for profit.

Marietta Business Association Website Mission Statement

The website is a self-supporting searchable tool for the Marietta Business Association's global communication, as well as a value-added current membership incentive exposing our members' services to potential customers and our knowledge base to the community through education.
The structure of the website is professionally maintained by a webmaster with content edited by trained, appointed members and only published after peer review.


Thomas Spravka of Thomas James Photography has been a long-term very loyal member of the MBA. In response to the board's request Thomas constructed the panorama of Marietta Square which was incorporated into the header. Visit theThomas James Facebook Page for a look at some beautiful images.